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BIO-133 enables diverse apps in microscopy

In a new paper by researchers from NIH, leading universities and ACUITYnano, BIO-133 is shown to enable multiple applications in fluorescence imaging.

The research covers the following issues:

(1) Characterization of BIO-133 for optical imaging in microfluidic/immobilization setups;

(2) Showing that diffraction-limited and super-resolution imaging is possible when using this material;

(3) Showing that high-resolution light-sheet microscopy with water-dipping objectives is fully compatible with microfluidic setups, a goal thought by many in the field to be impossible;

(4) Benchmarking performance on two cell lines, three microscope types, and live Drosophila and C. elegans tissue;

(5) Demonstrating that BIO-133 can be easily cast into multiple different immobilization/microfluidic setups.

To read the full paper in Biorxiv click the link:


MY Polymers first inkjet compatible low index optical polymer for 3D printing

JET-144, a first in a series of low index inkjet compatible materials, was recently introduced.
This optically clear material has an index of 1.44 and has the required properties for good inkjet compatibility, including the right surface tension and viscosity.

Designed primarily for piezoelectric DOD inkjet printheads, the material requires a relatively low dose of UV radiation for curing. It has strong adhesion, and relatively low modulus, which allows good endurance under thermal cycling and thermal shocks.

JET-144 will be complemented over the next few months with other inkjet compatible products, with lower index and higher index.

Let us know if you have any special needs – a different refractive index, higher (or lower) modulus, etc.

Contact us  for additional details.