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 MY Polymers – The Low Refractive Index company

Distinguished by its total focus on low Refractive Index (RI=1.30 to 1.50) coatings, adhesives, and polymers, MY Polymers is a leader in this field. Our products include low-index primary coatings (cladding resins), which are used in the manufacturing of specialty optical fibers. Our Re-Coating materials are used for recoating splices, combiners, and other components where there is a need to recoat a splice or a stripped section of an optical fiber. Our recoating materials are used by manufacturers of fiber lasers and sub-systems and components of fiber lasers. Other major fields of application for our materials include electronic displays and bio-photonics systems and devices.

Our products are based on the proprietary resins that we synthesize from raw materials.
MY Polymers is ISO certified by The Standards Institute of Israel, SII – A founding member of ISO and the country’s quality leader. Click to see our ISO CERTIFICATE.

We are working continuously to improve our customer support.

Recently, we began to offer a degree of cure measurements for customers who want to evaluate our primary coatings or wish to analyze the impact of introducing a change in their drawing process parameters.

Our products are sold in the US, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Canada, China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Israel.

Our customers include manufacturers of specialty optical fiber; Fiber laser manufacturers; fiber-optic components suppliers; manufacturers of optical amplifiers; electronic display manufacturers; And about 200 companies and institutes that use our products in a wide range of applications covering (to name but a few) SPR Biosensors; Micro-fluidics; Microscopy calibration targets; Automotive instrumentation panel backlights; Optical security of documents; Light engines; and 3D displays.

Additional literature about MY Polymers and our products (PDF format):

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