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BIO-133 enables diverse apps in microscopy

In a new paper by researchers from NIH, leading universities and ACUITYnano, BIO-133 is shown to enable multiple applications in fluorescence imaging.

The research covers the following issues:

(1) Characterization of BIO-133 for optical imaging in microfluidic/immobilization setups;

(2) Showing that diffraction-limited and super-resolution imaging is possible when using this material;

(3) Showing that high-resolution light-sheet microscopy with water-dipping objectives is fully compatible with microfluidic setups, a goal thought by many in the field to be impossible;

(4) Benchmarking performance on two cell lines, three microscope types, and live Drosophila and C. elegans tissue;

(5) Demonstrating that BIO-133 can be easily cast into multiple different immobilization/microfluidic setups.

To read the full paper in Biorxiv click the link: