MY Polymers


Adhesion Primer for Low RI UV Adhesives – Primer G.


Generally speaking, low RI adhesives and coating materials, especially the very low index of 1.32-1.34, have low adhesion to all substrates. There is a primer that is offered: a primer for Glass, Oxides, Ceramics, and Metals: Primer G

The primer is supplied as dilute, 25% solids solutions, in organic solvents.  It is applied to the substrate as a thin coating before the application of the MY-133 adhesive. The primer is also effective for the other MY products in the range MY-131 to MY-139.

Primer G is the primer for Glass.

This primer is suitable for plastics as well, yet, the presence of the adhesion promoter makes it sensitive to humidity and somewhat more sensitive for handling. Primer G is supplied as a ready-to-use 25% solids solution.

The cured layer has an RI of about 1.44.

The primer is supplied with a shelf life of 12 months. Protect the liquid from light and humidity when not in use.

The primer is intended for non-optically active surfaces such as ferrules or portions of fibers away from the active areas.


 The primer is used by coating (brushing, spraying, etc) over the surface, allowing it to evaporate for at least 30 minutes or less by blowing hot air. Application of the Low RI adhesive can be made at any time. Keep coated primed surface in the dark if not used immediately. Apply the Low RI adhesive and irradiate. Both the primer layer and the adhesive are cured at the same time.

Safety: The solvents are the more irritating components in these primers and they are volatile. The use of these products requires a ventilated workplace. In addition, refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for more details and precautions.


Adhesion on fused silica (90 deg. Peel test in g/cm) of two typical adhesives:

Adhesive MY-133-V2000 MY-136-V2000
Without primer (g/cm) 5 20
With primer G (g/cm) 300 500