MY Polymers  - The Low Refractive Index company

Distinguished by its total focus on low refractive index polymers (RI=1.30 to 1.50), MY Polymers is a leader in this field. Our low refractive index materials include:
The OF series of UV-Cured Cladding resins for primary coating of specialty optical fibers
Our best-selling OF-136 is used by the majority of leading manufacturers of specialty optical fibers. Our OF-133 enables the production of optical fibers with a break-through Numerical Aperture of 0.59. And the OF-138, OF-139-N, and OF-140-N are used in applications that require very high modulus and very high adhesion to the core.
MY-130 UV-Cured series of Recoating and encapsulation materials
MY-133-V2000 (index 1.33) and MY-136-V2000 are the most widely used recoating materials. These materials were designed to be compatible with recoating units and manual recoating. There are few product variations, with increased adhesion, or higher or lower viscosity.
MY-140 UV-Cured Low Refractive Index Optical adhesives (optical glues)
MY-146 and few similar products are used when the strongest adhesion is required. Customers report impressive performance for this group of products. When a lower index is required, MY-140/141/142-C are used.

GK  Adhesives:  Low Index (1.33) Optical lamination adhesives with High Bond Strength
The primary use of these products is in the electronic display industry. They are used for bonding of flat surfaces and films. The most widely used applications are backlight units and touchscreens. These versatile adhesives exhibit strong adhesion to various substrates, including plastics, glass, metals, and oxides.
MY-130-MC and AR  Moisture-Cured Low Index Coatings
These moisture cured products are sometimes preferred for coating of surfaces. They cure spontaneously by the moisture in the air and do not require UV c

You can read more about our products by downloading our CATALOG.  For loading a product data sheet, go the Products Page and click the relevant line in the table of products.

MY Polymers has been active in the field of low index optical polymers since 2004.
MY Polymers products are based on our proprietary synthesized resins, that we produce from raw materials.
MY Polymers is ISO certified.  Click to see our ISO CERTIFICATE.
The company supplies its products to the global photonics industry.
Our customers are located in industrial countries and regions, including the US, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Canada, China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Israel. Our customers include Leading manufacturers of specialty optical fiber components; Fiber laser companies; Photonic component manufacturers; Touchscreen and LCD backlight manufacturers;  Leading defense and aerospace companies and agencies; And about 200 companies and institutes that use our products in a wide range of applications covering (to name but a few) SPR Biosensors ; Micro-fluidics; Microscopy calibration targets; Automotive instrumentation panel backlights; Optical security of documents; Light engines; and 3D displays.


Additional literature about MY Polymers and our products (PDF format): 


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