MY Polymers


Smaller thicknesses of the spin-coated layer are attainable with the dilution of the MY-133-MC polymer with a proper solvent. It is soluble in many common medium polarity solvents, but only above a certain concentration. The dilute solution is turbid and will eventually separate into two layers. In the table below you will find the suggested list of solvents for that purpose. You need to use a mixture of a fluoro
solvent with any one of the other mentioned solvents.

The table (below) shows the limits of solubility of some solvents arranged by their relative volatility. The data shows the minimum level of the product in a solvent below which the solution becomes turbid. Complete solubility is only reached with fluorinated solvents such as Freon 113 and the various Freon substitutes such as HFE-7100 (3M) or Vertrel (DuPont). The solubility is also obtained with mixed solvents containing 20-50% of the fluorinated solvents. For instance, 50% each of methanol and HFE-7100.










*MY Polymers did not test these but they expect them to behave similarly to the others, namely with solubility above 25-30%.