MY Polymers

Display Adhesives, AR/VR/Mobile

Distinguished by its unique combination of high bond strength, and low refractive index, the LAM products demonstrated the potential to revolutionize the display industry.

The new LAM-135 lamination adhesive has a unique combination of low index (1.35) and very strong adhesion to plastic films (PET, PC) to PMMA, glasses, and metal surfaces.
The material is pure UV cured material, with no solvents, enabling simple application.
The material has various applications in both OLED and LCD displays, such as improved directionality, attaching adjacent films to a PMMA light guide, attaching optical touch screens to the OLED or LCD module, etc.

Some MY and OF Products are used in other display-related applications, such as Low Index Grid for improved efficiency in OLED displays, or improved transparency in new, nanotech-based (non-ITO) transparent conductors.

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